My Memories of a Future Life

newcovcompMy Memories of a Future Life (92 high-starred ratings at Goodreads) is available on Amazon Kindle here (US), Amazon Kindle UK here, Kobo here,  Smashwords here and in print (UK here and  here USA.  At the ibooks store here. You can also find it at my favourite local bookstore.

ebook, audiobook & paperback

  • ISBN-10: 1463784902
  • ISBN-13: 978-1463784904


Audiobook – iTunes, Audible US, Audible UK

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Inspirations, influences and glimpses here.
Read the first page
The page 99 test
Q&A with Amazon top reviewer Jon P Bloch here.
Q&A with literary editor Victoria Mixon here.

Audio about the book (on Mixcloud)

Following the strange: how I write


Ingram video sml

Two-minute interview – click for video

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