My fiction – me as me

When left to my own devices I write ‘profound tales in page-turning fashion’, according to award-winning author John Whitbourn. It might also be described as literary fiction with – gasp – a strong narrative drive. I have two novels completed.

My Memories of a Future Life – contemporary literary fiction
ebook, audiobook & paperback
ISBN 9781909905931
where to buy

Lifeform Three – literary science fiction. Longlisted for the World Fantasy Award.
ebook, audiobook & paperback
ISBN 9781909905948
where to buy


Interested in my writing process? Take the picture tour.

Why I write? Tiny interview here


New novels under construction

I have three more novels in development. Ever Rest (formerly The Mountains Novel) and two provisionally titled The Venice Novel, The Flying Novel. Alas, titles don’t always appear at the same time as ideas…


You can find out how they’re faring in the big wide world, and how my new novels are shaping up on my blog. Or sign up for my newsletter





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