2novelsNovelist with a nose for the unusual

My Memories of a Future Life. Critically acclaimed literary fiction in the tradition of The Time-Traveller’s Wife, Somewhere in Time

‘Simple, beautiful, gripping’  ‘A spellbinding yarn’

Lifeform Three  ‘An extraordinary novel in the tradition of the great old school literary sci-fi’ NYT bestselling author Joni Rodgers

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Once upon a time I was a ghost(writer)

I’ve written about a dozen of these. Spines and covers must remain hidden because they were ghosted under strictest secrecy. Millions of readers have enjoyed my storytelling – and that’s no exaggeration because average sales were 500,000 copies each.


ms2Speaker and editor

With all that experience, I understand most of the pitfalls of writing – and I know how to help authors draft, fix and finish with confidence. A recent client went on to win the Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2012. I now teach creative writing masterclasses for The Guardian newspaper in London.


2 nynsWriting blogger and coach
– my learning curve helps you leap ahead

I’ll let the testimonials do the talking:

‘There are shedloads of books on how to write novels. Many are a lot longer and considerably less useful’

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  1. I have so much respect for ghostwriters, but none for those who use them. Ghostwriters seem like the sort of people who write for the sake of writing and not for recognition.

    • Julia, thank you! It’s a double-edged sword. Readers probably feel a bit cheated if they hear something’s ghosted. But for writers it’s a great way to stretch into new genres, new voices. What I’ve learned writing as other people has fed back into my own art.

  2. Hi Roz, I love your blog and have nominated you for a sunshine award – if you would like to participate please check out the post Sunshine on my blog and follow the instructions: 1. link back to the blogger who nominated you; 2. copy and display the sunshine award logo; 3. Write ten random things aboout yourself; 4. nominate ten more bloggers. All the best, Roberta

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